Downtown Culpeper

Welcome to Culpeper, VA!

When you walk through Downtown Culpeper, you feel as though you’ve spent your whole life there. A feeling of familiarity washes over you, as everything seems to give off a sense of nostalgia. It would seem impossible to not enjoy yourself, as you pass by numerous shops, restaurants and breweries where you are greeted with a comforting smile as if you’re a long-time customer, and friend.
Speaking of restaurants, you are bound to find one that suits your taste. What truly makes this area special, is the sheer variety to choose from. Want to take a step back in time? Flavor on Main may be the place for you, with its roaring 20’s themed décor. It’s also perfect for those looking to be in a more upscale environment.

While out shopping...

Historic Dining

Frost Café does an excellent job of providing more affordable dining options, as well as providing a classic, 1950’s dinner theme. Grassroots holds an authentic Civil War jail beneath its floors. The original cell doors contain the area, which is often used for parties or events.

Pinto Thai & Piedmont Steakhouse

If you are looking for a more Asian-inspired setting, Pinto Thai is always a favorite among the locals.

If you’d rather have a nice steak, Piedmont Steakhouse prides itself on bringing you the freshest regional products that are available, at a reasonable price.
The sheer uniqueness, and variety of the restaurants and bars that are found in downtown really justify saying that there is truly something for everyone in Downtown Culpeper.

It’s all a matter of finding one that perfectly suits your style.

Enjoyment Outdoors...

Nature lovers will enjoy spending time at the adjacent park, with a beautiful pond that gleams against the sunlight. One could easily find themselves spending hours just enjoying the natural beauty of the landscape. In the not-too far off distance, you’ll have access to a full view of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, as they create a picturesque image that is sure to inspire you. Some cities/areas may be rich in terms of wealth, but Culpeper remains rich in its history and natural beauty.

Downtown Trolley

We encourage you to hop aboard the downtown Trolley, and take in all of the magnificent architecture that has been preserved throughout the years. It’s not uncommon to see some sort of event going on within the area, as the community as a whole is very engaging. This is especially apparent around holiday seasons, as you are sure to find the surrounding shops and area covered with festive decorations. If you happen to visit around this time, you’ll find that special trolley tours are available on certain days, typically during holiday events/seasons. This gives you an opportunity to get an excellent view of all the shops and decorations, as well as learn more about the historical significance of the area.
Downtown Culpeper is truly a fantastic place to spend your time. We highly encourage you to visit for yourself and see all that this wonderful community has to offer.
36111 Goodwin Drive, Locust Grove, VA 22508